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Recycling Matters


Added value to waste tires.

In this world of consumerism, it is common to buy something, use it until it stops being useful, or until something newer comes into the picture. But have you ever thought of what happens to everything we throw away? Often it accumulates in dumpsters and sometimes even pollutes our water, lands, etc.

With this thought in mind, Mexican entrepreneur, Andres García started up a business focused primarily on the problem of excess of rubber tires waste. In Mexico, 50 tires are thrown away every minute, which adds up to more than 26 million a year. His company takes in 36,400 tons a year to be recycled and transformed into useful products.

The company is named TRISOL and was established in 2011, though it officially started operating in 2013. Its main focus is the recollection and grinding up of rubber tires, transforming them into pieces in different presentations such as chips, granulated pieces with nylon or without nylon and other derivatives. These rubber pieces are the raw materials used to elaborate products such as: waterproofing paint, synthetic grass, flooring, roads, speed bumps, and carpets among others.

Andres Garcia wants to help eradicate the excess of tires, as this can create problems such as the spreading diseases like dengue; toxic gases are emitted when they are burnt; they take up space in landfills; they generate visual pollution. To boot, they are degradable. García wants to take up this “waste” material and give it a second life.

The waste material is revived in its transformed state. This way something that once was no longer useful in its original purpose is converted into a product with added value that can be used in different ways. By doing this, trash becomes a marketable product. As stated above, it is indeed given a second life.

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